Marshallese Phrasebook



Below are some Marshallese phrases and words that you may find helpful. You can hear a pronunciation by clicking on the Marshallese word/phrase or the . For Marshallese language products, scroll to the bottom of the page.

English Marshallese (click for audio)
hello, goodbye yokwe  
How are you? Ej et am mour?  
yes aet  
no, don't jaab  
please jouj  
okay ebwe  
not good enana  
atoll aelön  
ocean lik  
lagoon ar  
eat mönä  
drink idaak  
coconut (drinking) ni  
coconut (mature) waini  
fish ek  
foreigner ri-Likin  
Marshallese ri-Majöl  
Marshallese language kajin Majöl  
English language kajin Pälle  
1 juon  
2 ruo  
3 jilu  
4 emen  
5 lalim  
6 jiljino  
7 jiljilimjuon  
8 rualitok  
9 ruatimjuon  
10 jonoul  
Thank you very much. Kommol tata.  
You're welcome. Kin jouj.  
My name is ... Eta in ...  
What's your name? Etam?  
I'm sorry, excuse me. Jolok bwid.  
No problem. Ejjelok inebata.  
I'm hungry. Ikwöle.  
I'm thirsty. Imaro.  
What time is it? Jete awa?  
Do you want to ...? Kwo konan ke ...?  
I don't know. ijaje  
Please, say it again. Bar ba mok.  
Where are you going? Kwoj etal nan ia?  
Do you speak English? Kwo jela ke kajin Pälle?  
Could you help (me)? Kwo maron ke jiban?  
I need a doctor. Iaikwöj jion tokta.  
Please sit down. Jouj im jijet.  
Please come inside. Jouj im drelon.  
When did you come? Kwaar itok näät?  
Where did you come from? Kwoj itok jän ia?  
What would you like to eat? Kwoj mönä ta?  
What would you like to drink? Kwoj idaak ta?  

Pronounciations courtesy of Mr. Alfred Capelle.

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